Comparing leadership: business, politics and education

Research on leadership has extended throughout social sciences in recent years and is becoming more and more relevant. In this regard, the online higher education institutions are not an exception.

This paper aims to do an analysis of the evolution of the studies on leadership by reviewing the articles on this topic since 1950s, and to propose a multi-disciplinary perspective. Since the subject is so wide, we have chosen three areas within the social sciences: business, politics, and education, which account for about 45% of the articles in the web of science. First, we do a quantitative analysis of the output in politics, business and education. Second, we proceed to study which concepts relate to leadership in each area from a qualitative perspective hoping to extract trends and target opportunities in order to improve training on this topic in universities and business schools.


Tintoré, M. & Güell, C. (2016). Comparing leadership: business, politics and education. Social Sciences, 5(6-1).

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