The beautiful and the damned

The Beautiful and The Damned

The work of new media production in professional rock climbing

This article examines new media production in professional climbing through the prism of the work relationships between climbers and companies. The development of new media has driven significant transformations in the production, diffusion, and consumption of professional sports, notably in the relationships between athletes, companies, fans, and organizations.

However, little is known on the influence of new media on the work of professional athletes and their relationships with companies. By drawing on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Europe and the United States, I show that the production and diffusion of new media content have become key for professional rock climbers wishing to build their careers, and are complexly embedded in the organization of the labor market.

This supports an understanding of the production of new media acknowledging the relationships between companies, athletes, and media producers. Indeed, producing and diffusing new media content have become a central part of the job of an athlete and brand ambassador for climbing companies.


Dumont, G. (2017)  The beautiful and the damned: the work of new media production in professional rock climbing. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 1-20.

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