Agreement between OBS Business School and Shanghai University

Shanghai Univeristy

OBS Business School and Shanghai University have signed a collaboration agreement for the exchange of students and teachers

Shanghai University and OBS Business School have signed a collaboration agreement on education. Both institutions will promote cooperation in the fields of teaching, research and university expansion, with the implementation of a teacher exchange program for the International Business Master.

Shanghai University is a public university founded in 1994 and receives every year about 44.000 students and has got more than 2.5000 teachers. It is one of China's leading national universities, and is located in a city where its University Campus currently hosts more than 3.000 International students.

The main objective of this agreement is to promote and extend the international development and cooperation by supporting educational, professional and intercultural activities and projects among students, teachers and professionals from both institutions.

The visit of lecturers and researchers will be organized during specific periods, in order to give lectures and participate and organize joint programs (academic activities, seminars, courses, workshops, postgraduate programs and joint degrees of masters and postgraduates).

On the other hand, OBS and Shanghai University have signed a research agreement, with shared results and a scholarship program with financial support for students wishing to participate in the programs and academic courses taught at both institutions.





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