4 masters have been recognized as best in their category

Eduniversal is an international agency specialized in advanced education which annually elaborates the Best Masters Ranking. Such agency has chosen several OBS Business School Masters in between the top 100 best of the world on their corresponding categories. Such masters are the following: Master in Systems Management, Master in International Business Law, Master in Digital Business and Business Development and Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The evaluation criteria to decide which masters are included in the ranking are the following: academic methodology, level of satisfaction, students’ recommendation, employability offered by the programs, development of students’ abilities and competences and the international teachers’ experience and recognition.

Every year, more than 4.250.000 students use Eduniversal searching for the program that best fits their training needs. As a consequence, this agency aims to provide students around the world with tools to find the programs that match their advanced education training need.

With this added value, OBS Business School Masters have been recognized again for its quality education level, methodology and adaptability of the training taught by teachers of great international recognition with the market needs.

Selected number #38 of Best Masters Ranking in Information Systems Management.

Selected number #45 of Best Masters Ranking in Business and Commercial Law.

Selected number #54 of Best Masters Ranking in E-Business.

Selected number #87 of Best Masters Ranking in Entrepreneurship.

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