Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants


OBS provides a Scholarship Programme for students to support the ongoing training of professionals, entrepreneurs and directors. To be eligible for one of these grants, which fund part of the programmes, candidates should be admitted to the School and meet the specified requirements.

What are the requirements?

The Scholarships and Admissions Committee will take into account the suitability of the profile and the professional career of the candidates, the reasons given in the scholarship application letter and the professional and academic recommendations of the candidate.


Currently the following scholarships are offered:

OBS Experience Scholarship:

  • The objective is to promote continuous education of future professionals through the OBS Online Methodology, which is registered as its own model of online education.
  • Requirements: Candidates should not have previous experience of online education models and must meet the academic and curricular requirements for the programme they wish to pursue.


Director Profile Scholarship:

  • The objective of this grant is to promote management skills in candidates with extensive professional experience.
  • Requirements: Candidates with more than three years of professional experience in positions of responsibility, who wish to acquire management skills and competencies that will further their professional career.


Online Business Management Scholarship:

  • The objective of this grant is to promote the generation of companies founded on the internet, as well as the creation of new business models based on the network and the digitalisation of traditional businesses that are yet to begin operating online.
  • Requirements: Candidates who wish to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle the internet and launch new digital business models, whether for their own company or as a director.