Masters and Postgraduates in

Masters and Postgraduates in Management

In the area of Master’s Degrees in General Business, OBS Business School develops MBA and online master’s programmes that respond to the current challenges of business by strengthening the training of executives.


Through our online master’s degrees in Business Management we encourage the development of the executive and management skills that are required to lead companies and institutions.

The OBS portfolio of MBA programmes consists of two programmes: the Executive MBA and the Global MBA. Both have been recognised as the best Management programmes in the international business field by the 2015 Online MBA Ranking from Mundo Posgrado.  

  • The Executive MBA programme is focused on providing training and coaching for executives, developing the skills required to lead a business project or to become an entrepreneur and start a business.


  • The Global MBA is perfect for executives looking to develop skills for the management of global companies. It is designed for professionals with executive experience who are particularly interested in the innovation and internationalisation processes of businesses.


  • The Master’s Degree in International Business, offered in Spanish and Bilingually (Spanish – English) is designed to broaden the students’ knowledge and improve their analytical and management skills in the field of international business.


  • The Master’s Degree in Digital Business Management focuses on the management of digital companies and on the new business models that the internet has brought about, both from a technical and human perspective, in order to be able to face this new environment with assurance.