Master in
Market Research

Market Research

Online Master’s Degree focusing on the development and management of information aimed at satisfying consumers and users

Introduction to the Master’s Degree in Market Research

In today’s information society, the development and proper use of quality information can be a key competitive advantage when facing our competitors. We need to understand how the social, cultural and psychological traits of our consumers affect their decision-making processes and buying behaviour.

The ultimate goal of this type of management and usage of information needs to be aligned with the key principle of marketing: knowing and satisfying the needs and wishes of users and consumers. This implies having a profound knowledge of their behaviour and motivations, what kind of influences they are subject to, their preferences and perceptions.

The Master’s Degree in Market Research and Customer Analysis in Spanish from OBS will teach you to develop and manage information; to research in order to understand, and to understand in order to satisfy. Learn about the techniques for gathering and analysing information in marketing in order to identify market segments. During the Master’s Degree in Market Research, several online conferences will be organised with first-class executives, who will share their experience of the design and management of marketing research projects, as well as webinars with suppliers of tools from the sector.


Career Prospects

  • Research Director
  • Consumer Insights Director
  • Project Director, Account Executive
  • Market Analyst at research companies
  • Planning accounts at advertising agencies
  • Strategic planning at large companies
  • Brand management in large corporations
  • Marketing management in communication and advertising companies
  • Consumer Insights analyst
  • Strategic analysis
  • Research consultant

Aims of the Master’s Degree in Market Research and Customer Analysis

  • To understand the marketing research processes in order to define the opportunities and issues involved in the trade of products and services; to help solve management issues and therefore become a support to the making of marketing decisions
  • To learn to plan and design marketing research projects
  • To develop your skills to execute and manage marketing research projects
  • To learn and understand the applications of the specialisations within marketing research and the various analytical techniques
  • To apply your knowledge to drafting well-structured and convincing research reports
  • To develop your skills in communicating research proposals, results, conclusions and recommendations clearly and effectively


Syllabus of the Master’s Degree in Market Research

The syllabus unfolds over twelve months, starting in May or November each year, and is comprised of a ten-module structure and a market research final project that is worked on throughout the year. Online conferences are organised with experts from the sector and webinars with suppliers of market research tools, among other activities.

Introductory Statistical Methods for Market Research

Application of probability and basic statistical methods to the resolution of marketing research issues. Introduction to basic concepts of probability and statistics. Knowing how to use statistical tools such as analysis of variance, regression and chi-square tests on market research issues.


Marketing Information Systems

Introduction to the field of Marketing Information Systems, the study of the set of procedures and methods used for regular and planned collection, the analysis and presentation of information so it can be used for making marketing-related decisions (“Marketing Intelligence”).


Qualitative Research Methods and Techniques

We will look at the role of focus groups interviews, and the types of focus groups and their behaviour. We will also cover in-depth interviews, projective techniques, observational research and the Delphi method.


Quantitative* Research Methods and Techniques

The most important quantitative models and techniques for researching markets. They involve a survey methodology, the drafting of questionnaires, sampling techniques, panels, etc. You will learn to apply these techniques and will understand the latest advances in methods of quantitative techniques.


Strategic Marketing

Analysis of practical cases that emphasise how to synthesise, analyse and interpret data in order to support and guide marketing decisions in areas such as promotions, investments in advertising, development of new products, pricing policies, distribution strategies and loyalty programmes.


Research Project Management

Analytical tools used to manage research and team projects. You will specifically focus on the implementation process of a project, from the definition of the project to the assessment of its viability, its planning and the budget factors are analysed in detail. You will employ modern management techniques that are used in the contemporary practice of the Project Management Institute (PMI). From this module onwards, you will begin working on your final project.


Consumer Psychology and Behaviour

Study of the individuals, groups or organisations and the processes used to select, secure, use and dispose of the products, services, experiences or ideas in order to satisfy needs, and the impacts that said processes have on consumers and the society.


Database Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

Database marketing combines data from customers or potential customers with statistical techniques to develop customer behaviour models and support marketing decisions. Built around the life cycle of a customer, this module emphasises the strategic initiatives for managing relationships with customers, including the acquisition of customers, the development of customers through up-selling, cross-selling and customisation of offers and customer retention.


Web Analytics and Social Media Intelligence

Web analysis techniques and how companies and organisations can use technology to measure their web traffic, improve their commercial presence and carry out market research studies. You will learn to analyse data from social media and use said analysis to execute marketing strategies. 


Marketing Simulation

This simulation provides the ideal scenario for developing skills in the decision-making process in relation to segmentation and positioning strategies, the allocation of resources for various brands, integrated marketing communications and multiple channels with intermediaries. You will learn to motivate consumers and channel partners and measure their evolution through market research. 


Market Research Project

For the master’s final project, you will design a complete Research Project in the field of marketing management under the supervision of a tutor. This research project will allow you to apply the knowledge acquired over the course of the programme, as you will be required to identify and define a research issue, develop the design and scope of the study and establish the tools you will use to analyse and report the results. 


Other activities

  • Conferences with executives

Over the course of the programme, conferences with first-class executives will be organised in the form of videoconferences. Through these events, the speakers share their experience of the design and management of research projects for marketing.

  • Webinars with suppliers of tools

During the course, a series of webinars will be organised with leading suppliers of tools (software) for marketing research. The aims of these webinars are:

> To introduce you to various suppliers and tools for qualitative analysis of data, qualitative research, and design and execution of surveys, statistical analysis, etc.

> To develop assessment criteria for choosing from the many support tools designed for decision making related to market research.  

> To learn about the application of various computer systems to actual cases of market research.

Requirements of the Master’s Degree in Market Research

The main aim of our admissions process is to ensure that the candidates are suited to the course. All students must be able to take full advantage of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop lasting connections with fellow students, teachers and the alumni.

The stages of the admissions process are as follows:

1. Prerequisites for admission

2. Application

3. Personal interview

4. Cover letter

5. Admissions Committee Evaluations

6. Enrolment


Master’s Degree in Market Research and Customer Analysis Certificate

The people who pass the programme evaluation and comply with the academic requirements, established by the University of Barcelona (UB), will receive a UB qualification.

In order to obtain a UB qualification, you need to have a University Degree (Engineer’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree over four years or Bachelor’s Degree over three years). If you do not have a University Degree, once you have passed all the evaluations you will receive an extension diploma from UB.

Scholarships and grants for the Master in Market Research

OBS is now offering candidates a Scholarship Programme with a view to encouraging continuous education of professionals, entrepreneurs and directors. To apply for one of these scholarships, which finance part of the programme, the candidates must be accepted onto the programme and comply with the specified requirements.

The Scholarship and Admissions Committee will take into account the suitability of the profile and the professional career of the candidates, the reasons given in the scholarship application letter and the professional and academic recommendations of the candidate.

Currently the following scholarships are on offer:

OBS Experience Scholarship

Objective: to advance continuous education of future professionals through OBS Methodology Online, which is registered as its own model of online education.

Requirements: candidates without previous experience of online education models and who meet the academic and curricular requirements of the programme in question.

Director Profile Scholarship

Objective: to advance managing skills in those candidates with extensive professional experience.

Requirements: scholarship for candidates with more than three years of professional experience in positions of responsibility, who wish to acquire management skills to further their professional career.

Online Business Management Scholarship

Objective: to promote the generation of companies founded on the Internet, as well as the creation of new business models based on the network and the digitalisation of traditional businesses that are yet to begin operating online.

Requirements: candidates who wish to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle the internet and launch new digital business models, whether in their own company or as a director.

Programme Director Master in Market Research

  • Master of Business Administration, University of St. Thomas (Houston, Texas).
  • Máster en Dirección de Marketing y Gestión Comercial. ESIC (Madrid, España).
  • Licenciado en Psicología Clínica e Industrial. UCV (Caracas, Venezuela).


Marcelo Granieri

  • PMP – PMI
  • PMO in the Management of Information Technology at Standard Bank, Argentina
  • Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, UNLP (National University of La Plata), Argentina
  • Postgraduate Degree in Project Management, UB (University of Belgrano), Argentina
  • Degree in Information Systems, UM (University of Mendoza), Argentina

Jaime Rivera Camino

  • Director at MarketinGroup
  • PhD in Sciences Economiques Appliqués, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
  • PhD in Psychology, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration from ESAN, Lima (Peru)
  • MBA from Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Andrés Benchimol

  • PhD in Business Economics and Quantitative Methods from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Master’s in Business Economics and Quantitative Methods from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Ileana Del Río

  • Qualitative Account Manager at GfK Barcelona
  • Graduated in Law and Sociology from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello

José Javier Díaz García

Miguel Ángel Campos

  • Director de Estudios Cualitativos
  • Licenciado en Antropología Social y Cultural. UNED Licenciado en Psicología. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Santiago Giménez

  • Director de Marketing Digital en StarVie.
  • Master en Analítica Web en Kschool (Madrid, España).
  • Master en Marketing Profesional UCM (Madrid, España)
  • Licenciado en Relaciones Industriales en la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Caracas, Venezuela).
  • Dedication60 ECTS
  • InitiationMay 2017
  • Term12 meses
  • Price5.800 €
  • MethodologyOnline
  • LanguageSpanish

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