Maestría en Marketing y Dirección Comercial

  • Consultant/Project Director at SMÄLL
  • Associate Partner at TOTAL BRAND LOVERS
  • Graduated from the UAB


Luis Toro Dupoy

  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, University of St. Thomas (Houston, Texas)
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing Management and Commercial Management from ESIC (Madrid, Spain)
  • Degree in Clinical and Industrial Psychology (Caracas, Venezuela)

Mario V. Gonzalez

  • Visiting Professor of Marketing at Trinity University
  • Master’s Degree in Statistics from W. P. Carey School of Business
  • PhD in Applied Economics from University of Alcalá

Gemma Segura Virella

  • Consultant and Trainer
  • Member Relational Institute Executive Council
  • Degree in Humanities from UOC
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communications Management 
  • Master’s Degree in Organisational Design and Teaching Consultancy 


Susana Cabada

  • Chief Operating Officer at
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication Management from the UOC
  • Graduate in Psychology of Work and Organisations from Complutense University of Madrid

Lorenzo Muriel Redondo

  • PARTNER at Metabolic Energy Training System (METS) and at Creativialab
  • ICF certified coach
  • Official Master’s Degree in Control and Strategic Planning for General Management
  • Currently completing his PhD at UPC, Business Administration department; PhD Subject: Creating a method for generating optimism in Human Resources
  • Degree in Law

Miguel Charneco Garrido

  • Lecturer for the Organisation of a Sales Network
  • Executive Member Eurocham Vietnam
  • Human Resources and Commercial Organisation Director at PIAGGIO GROUP. Member of the Steering Committee
  • Graduate in Law, Diploma in Labour Relations from Complutense University of Madrid.

Nacho Somalo

  • Founder at Lonesome Digital
  • European Market President at
  • Executive MBA from IE
  • PhD in Applied Economics e-Commerce from Rey Juan Carlos University
  • Graduated in General Economics from Complutense University of Madrid

Alberto Alcalde

  • Independent trainer and consultant in the field of marketing, communication, branding and sales
  • Promoter, strategist and manager at the freelance community, EFECTO ANCHOA
  • Currently studying for his PhD
  • Head of marketing and sales at various national and international companies

Lisardo De Pedro

  • Marketing Manager at Deoleo
  • Master’s Degree in Commercial and Marketing Management from ESIC
  • Master’s Degree in Financial Management from ESIC
  • Graduate in Commercial and Marketing Management from ESIC

David Carrión

  • Graduate in Economic and Business Sciences from Barcelona’s Autonomuys University
  • Diploma in Financial Direction and Management (EAE)
  • Master’s Degree in Financial Economic Management (CEF)

Javier De Miguel Luken

  • General Manager at Topminds
  • DEA (Agro-Food Business Management) Programme
  • Business School: I.I. San Telmo
  • Degree in Business and Economic Sciences University of Malaga
  • Dedication60 ECTS
  • InitiationNovember 2017
  • Term10 months
  • Price7.800 €
  • MethodologyBlended
  • Campus
    • Quito
    • Bogotá
    • México

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